We at CrossFit RITE, home of CrossFit RITE and CrossFit RITE Steeltown, are passionate about fitness and much more. We believe that we are all born with natural athleticism that should be put to work for you. With hard work, an unshakable support system, and a proven methodology, we can all uncover and grow the potential within.

We know what works and what will yield the results you seek. Our goal is to prepare you for whatever life throws your way -- anything from kicking the soccer ball around with your kids, to running your first 5K race, or competing at elite levels.

Our methodology is designed to work for every body, at any level. Our workouts are challenging and smartly designed; they are led by the most highly-qualified and experienced coaches in the Pittsburgh area. By coming together under the umbrella of RITE, you are rewarded with physical strength and endurance, mental fortitude, and intangible spirit through functional fitness. Let us prepare you for life.

Remember, anyone can CrossFit...especially you! Let’s get started!