Most people just go to a gym.. CrossFit RITE is a fitness community! We are inspired by each other. Everyone will excel in different areas, and this diversity makes our group strong. We are all here to be positive forces in each others lives. Our atmosphere is always positive, respectful and encouraging. You will often hear other members cheering you on and you will do the same. We encourage all members to embrace this community and feel welcome here.
We place proper technique and consistency BEFORE intensity, so that your WOD is safe and efficient. (maximizing results) No matter if you are a professional athlete or a newcomer, our coaches WILL ensure you are moving properly. Your safety is paramount. While we encourage competition, achievement and gaining personal records, we discourage attempting anything that we deem unsafe. Rest assured that we will not force you to do anything you are not physically ready to do. We are in the business of building you up, not injuring you.