RITE Tween/Kids


Our CrossFit Kids/Teen classes are structured for children ages 8 through 15. The workouts are scalable for any participant at any level in this age bracket. Each class has two coaches and children of similar abilities are group together. What this means is that each child will be challenged at their own individual level and will achieve success based on their level of effort rather than by comparing themselves to other athletes. As a result, they become confident, well-rounded athletes.


Kids: Fridays from 4:30 to 5:15



Drop-in: $12 per class

10 class punch card: $85 for CrossFit RITE members, $100 for non-members *

*CrossFit RITE members: an immediate family member must hold an active, monthly adult membership.

10% sibling discount and 20% additional sibling discount on unlimited and punch card memberships.

First class is always free! Send an email to info@crossfitRite.com to get started!